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Daily Movements To Stop Feeling Old & Crunchy

Get a fresh, 3-minute video routine texted or emailed daily. Let's say goodbye to stiffness!


3 Minutes of Movement

Texted Or Emailed Daily

Feel Less Stiff & More Energized


Life's too short to feel as stiff as a board

  • Waking up feeling achy and older than you are?

  • Difficulty playing on the floor with your kids?

  • Posture looking like a hot-boiled shrimp?

Say goodbye to stiffness with Daily Movement Breaks™

Simple Movements To Do Anywhere

No amazing athletic ability or flexibility required. No equipment needed. Do them anywhere!

Takes Only 3 Minutes To Do

 It easily fits in your schedule so you can stick with it and move often throughout your day.

Texted Or Emailed Daily

Get a different movement routine video every day to keep your whole body active.

We get it – staying active can be hard

You know you should move more during the day but could use a little nudge and direction on what to do. We are here to help! 

Smiling Portrait

I love Movement Breaks!

"This is the first time in so many years I woke up with no stiffness. I am moving around like a 30 year old. I feel great!"


Teresa S.

Member since 2021

Smiling Man with Crossed Arms

I am up to 3 times a day!

"The movements work everything I pretty much destroy while sitting all the time. It doesn't take long. It's doable. Now I am up to 3 times a day!"

Chris A.

Member since 2021

Membership & Pricing


Free 5-day trial

Cancel anytime

✓  Daily emails or texts

✓  Monthly PDF calendars

✓  Daily Movers group access


Save 65%

Free 5-day trial

Cancel anytime

✓  Daily emails or texts

✓  Monthly PDF calendars

✓  Daily Movers group access

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How it works

1. Get a daily movement routine

Each day, you will get a 3-minute movement routine by text or email. You can access it throughout the day. 

2. Do it during your day

We will help you increase the number of times you move during your day so you keep your body active. 

3. Feel great in your body

As you keep your body active through the day, you will have better posture, less stiffness, and more energy. 

Three minutes of movement changed my life. 

I tore both ACLs and fractured a vertebra. My body was stiff and my posture was terrible. I couldn’t play on the floor with my daughters. 

That's why I created Daily Movement Breaks. By taking just 3 minutes throughout the day, I began to see a huge change in how I felt and what I could do with my body. 

Join me in saying goodbye to stiffness!

Harrison Powell

Founder of Movement Breaks

Frequent Questions

Ready to say goodbye to stiffness?

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